Affordable$$Audio Publishes New Reviews, Articles

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Affordable$$Audio published a new issue today with a variety of new equipment reviews, including:

  • Tec-on Model “55” integrated amp w/ USB DAC ($398 intro, $749 list)
  • GINI Systems LS3/5A speakers ($560/pair) and B+ bass stand ($630/pair)
  • Anti-Cable digital interconnect cables ($150)
  • McIntosh Laboratory MA6300 integrated amp ($4,000)
  • BESL Series 5 TMW full range speakers ($5,980/pair intro, $8,275/pair list)
  • Acoustic Revive RTP-2 ($1,295) and RTP-4 ($2,250) Ultimate power supply boxes
  • Wyred4Sound MC4 power amp ($2,795)

Download the entire issue (18 MB PDF), and be sure to check out the included article on residential power line noise.

P.S. If you’re wondering how $6,000 speakers and a $2,200 power outlet box are considered affordable, you’re not alone. In a shift away from strictly low cost components, the magazine has decided to cover high end items in “Harmony,” a new bi-monthly e-zine to be officially launched this fall.