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Audio Intelligent Premium Record Cleaner Formula No 15 RCM Fluid Review

Sunday, June 12, 2022


$34.00 for 16 oz bottle, $50.00 for 32 oz bottle. Available from various online retailers as well as local dealers who sell Osage Audio Products.


Ready to use enzyme cleaning fluid for record cleaning machines. Works as a first step before other formulas, or by itself with a water rinse.


I’ve used this cleaning fluid for many years on many hundreds (thousands?) of records with my Loricraft PRC3 record cleaning machine.


I use it by itself followed by a water rinse. Put the record on the cleaning machine and start the platter turning. Open the flip top on the bottle and squirt a line of fluid onto the spinning record. Use a brush to distribute the fluid across the entire surface of the record, then stop the platter and let the fluid sit on the record for approximately two minutes. Start the platter spinning again, brush the fluid again, then vacuum the fluid off the record. Follow this with a similar cycle using ultra-pure water only.


Using Audio Intelligent Formula No 15 as described above is all that is needed to get a clean record 99.9% of the time. If a record doesn’t get clean using this fluid, I’ve decided it is most surely more trouble than it’s worth, and I will likely toss it instead of trying a different fluid. I’ve used a few other brands, including L’Art du Son, but I never got as consistent results as the Audio Intelligent. I even used Elmer’s glue one time many years ago — don’t bother with that one, it doesn’t work!

My records are generally pretty clean to start with, so this advice doesn’t really apply to records that are really dirty. I have occasionally run two cycles of Audio Intelligent and the second cycle always sounds a little better than the first.

Regarding value, $50 for 32 ounces of anything is rather expensive. However, a 50 oz bottle lasts a long time. I don’t know exactly how many records it will clean, but I’m guessing 100-200 depending on how much fluid you use each time. That’s at most $0.50 per record, which seems quite reasonable when you consider the value of the records themselves and the joy one gets when listening to one that is clean and quiet.