Analysis Omega Ribbon Speakers ($22,000) Review on SonicFlare

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SonicFlare has posted a review of the Analysis Omega floorstanding speakers ($22,000/pair). These are “full range and boxless” ribbon panels (photo) built in Greece and described as two-way dipolar radiators.

Reviewer Robert Learner is a fan of ribbons and likes them in the mid and high frequency drivers of his less expensive VMPS RM40, to which he compared the Analysis Omegas. Conclusion?

The Omegas are benchmarks of speed, precision, transparency, and spatial layering.

I did, however, note slight macrodynamic compression at higher volumes and a lack of deeper bass force and dynamic punch.

Check out the full review. I’d say leave a comment with your thanks to Robert for such an informed and thoughtful review, but it looks like SonicFlare doesn’t allow comments on its reviews anymore. Shame.