AQVOX Phono 2CI Mk. II Phono Preamp Review on 10 Audio

Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Audio has reviewed the AQVOX Phono 2CI Mk. II phono preamp ($2,000). This is a full-width unit (photo) with “balanced outputs on XLR connectors in addition to standard RCA outputs.” Reviewer Jerry S. auditioned the AQVOX with his SOTA Cosmos IV turntable, TriPlanar VII u2 tonearm, and Miyajima Shilabe cartridge. He compared it to the Manley Steelhead.

The AQVOX easily bests the Steelhead in the bass where it has higher resolution and greater dynamic power. The Steelhead’s sound stage is a bit deeper while the Phono 2CI’s stage offers a greater sense of being able pinpoint a performer left-to-right on that stage.

Check out more details in the entire review.