HOLFI Power 150 Power Amp ($2,500) Review on Audio Asylum

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Audio Asylum inmate Tone! has written a rather extensive review of the Power 150 power amp from Danish company, HOLFI. According to the reviewer, this is a solid state, Class AB, stereo, zero feedback, 150W power amp that retails for NZ$3,500 (approx. US$2,500). Here’s an excerpt:

So my quest to replace my beloved single ended triode power amplifiers with a solid state cousin has drawn to a close.

Our living-room now enjoys absolute system silence at idle so I am able to leave the HOLFI fully-powered 24/7. This ensures that it is always warm, willing and able to please; and I’m not wasting electricity nor heating the room in the process.

Purchasing the HOLFI has completely removed the amplifier maintenance factor too. No more costly tube replacements or biasing duties required here. Yet combined with my tubed preamplifier, the HOLFI has preserved that special bloom, intimacy and spaciousness for which tube amplifiers are justifiably legend.

Read the entire review and check out the resulting backlash in the follow ups.