Audio Ideas Guide on Vintage Step-Up Transformers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Audio Ideas Guide published an article today endorsing the vintage Sony HA-T10 mini step-up transformer (approx. $200, used) as a good alternative to traditional MC transformers such as the Ortofon T-10. Here is a snippet of what writer Andrew Marshall had to say of the Sony’s sound quality:

Once again, the sonic surprise was a highly positive one, with a greater degree of neutrality, especially in the upper octaves, these little transformers having no effect on the native frequency response of the cartridges, including a NOS SAE model I picked up for a song.

Read the entire article, and learn more about the history of this device at The Vintage Knob.

Michael Ryll November 25, 2008 at 5:00 am

Dear all, owning a pair of SONY HAT-10 myself I can confirm that these devices represent a very good alternative used on MM inputs. Used these with DENON, YAMAHA and Dynavector.

However, due to system-change I would like to offer them to the market on a fair price. Offers wellcome (located in Germany, will ship worlwide).