Ayon Crossfire Tube Integrated Amp (EUR 8,500) Review on TNT-Audio

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TNT-Audio has reviewed the Ayon Crossfire single-ended tube integrated amp (EUR 8,500). This is a gorgeous design (photo) built in Austria. The amp puts out 30WPC and is based on Ayon’s AA62B power tubes.

Reviewer Geoff Husband liked the way Ayon stands behind their tubes:

The other thing I like about these valves is that Ayon have great confidence in their longevity. The ’62’s come with a 12 month guarantee, a failed valve being replaced by a pair of new valves free of charge.

He also liked the sound:

This is the most transparent amp I’ve ever heard – including similarly priced 300b amps from Wavac, Audion, Audionote, Loth-x and Opera, not to mention half a dozen other valve amps, five of the new digital wonders and the shed load of more prosaic transistor amplifiers…

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