Budget DACs, Cardas, ACI and More Reviews in Affordable Audio

Monday, April 6, 2009

Affordable Audio has published a new (free) issue. It contains reviews of the following audiophile gear:

  • ACI Emerald XL mini-monitor speakers ($700/pair)
  • Cardas Crosslink interconnect cables ($128 per 1 meter pair)
  • Budget DAC Comparison: Zhaolu D2.5 ($249), CityPulse 7.2X ($449), & Musiland MD10 ($399)
  • Audience E Series cables ($391-674)

Download the entire issue (13 MB PDF) by going to the Affordable Audio web site and clicking the April 2009 issue link in the left column. Also check out the article from publisher Mark Marcantonio: Ten Things Audiophiles Should Experience. This is probably the most insightful audio list I’ve ever read.