Cadence Anina Speakers ($5,495) Reviewed by TNT-Audio

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TNT-Audio has published a review of the Cadence Anina electrostatic/dynamic hybrid speakers ($5,495). Reviewer Alister Staniland described these unique, Indian-made speakers as follows:

The Aninas are a floor-standing speaker with an eight-inch reflex-loaded dynamic bass/mid driver in the bottom bit, which crosses over at 1.35khz (about the middle of the mid-range) to an electrostatic panel taking you seamlessly through the upper mid-range all the way up to ultrasonic treble (30khz).

After experimenting with placement, Alister concludes:

For me it’s the audio dream realised: the transparency, speed & resolution of electrostatics, married to great tonal beauty, excellent power-handling & bass-extension, plus good efficiency and amplifier-friendliness.

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