Crystal Cable Reviews on Audio Ideas Guide

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Audio Ideas Guide has reviewed two models of Crystal Cables; the CrystalSpeak Micro semi-biwire speaker cables with splitters ($2,512 per 2 meter pair), and CrystalConnect Micro interconnects ($738 per 1 meter pair).

Reviewer Andrew Marshall used a Bryston 3B SST amplifier and Paradigm Reference Studio 20, V.4 speakers to compare the Crystals to his Kimber BiFocal and Select cables. He had the following to say of the CrystalSpeaks’ sound:

So this cable is not inexpensive in any configuration, but I do feel it justifies its cost in superbly detailed, dynamic, and nuanced sound.

Read the entire review, then check out Andrew’s reviews of the Bryston 3B SST power amp and Paradigm Reference Studio 20, V.4 speakers.