Coincident Speakers, Plinius Amps Reviewed on DAGOGO

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

DAGOGO just published its September issue, which includes a review of the Coincident Total Victory IV speakers ($15,000). Here is a sample of what reviewer Ed Momkus had to say:

In my opinion, the Total Victory IVs are a great high-end value for those with tube electronics, rich-sounding solid-state electronics or those who seek a neutral sound with more typical solid-state electronics. At $15,000.00 you can get a terrific set of speakers, save money by avoiding high-power amps, and focus your efforts on great-sounding electronics.

The new issue also includes Ed’s take on the Plinius Tautoro preamp ($8,395) and Plinius SA-201 power amp ($6,545). Here is an excerpt:

I’m admiring the way that the Plinius pair is controlling the Coincident’s bass, allowing each articulated note to come through, while still giving the bass that touch of warmth and weight that you hear live, while the ribbons sound like they’re driven by a warm but not overly-lush tube amp. Add in that very natural midrange and I’ve got to give both the Tautoro preamp and the SA-201 power amp an enthusiastic endorsement.

Read the new issue, and check out DAGOGO’s new contest to win three months of access to the B&W Music Club.