Dali Euphonia RS3 Speakers ($4,800) Review on 10 Audio

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Audio, the pet project of reviewer and audiophile Jerry S., has reviewed the Dali Euphonia RS3 bookshelf speakers ($4,800/pair).

The RS3s are visually elegant (photo). They employ a ribbon “super high-frequency driver” and have a frequency response of 64 to 28 kHz. According to Reviewer Jerry S., the RS3s are “an ideal candidate for use with a subwoofer or two.”

On the sound, Jerry notes:

I find the RS3s to be perfectly neutral overall, certainly never forward nor bright. At the same time, the upper frequency harmonic content of every instrument is presented in such a natural manner, presenting an extraordinary level of micro-detail that characterizing the speaker as warm or rolled off would not be accurate.

He concludes:

The RS3s have been my primary speaker system for about a year and after the somewhat extended break in period, there has been a remarkable absence of desire to replace them.

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