DIY Paradise Monica3 DAC ($400) Review on TNT-Audio

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TNT-Audio has posted its review of the DIY Paradise Monica3 DAC ($400). This is a non-oversampling (NOS) design in a wooden box with “SPDIF in, and twin RCA sockets for analogue output. There is also a (switched) DC power input socket.”

Reviewer Nick Whetstone compared it to his tweaked version of the Monica2 and was quite impressed with what he heard:

Suffice to say that Monica3 is a very fine DAC, a big improvement on Monica2, and one of the better NOS DACs currently on the market. She is no longer one of the cheapest options although her performance is commensurate with her price!

Read the entire review, then check out Nick’s earlier review of the DIY Paradise Monica2 DAC.