Duntech, Mordaunt Short, Yamaha and More on Australian Hi-Fi

Friday, November 7, 2008

Australian Hi-Fi, a 39-year-old magazine now part of the AVHub umbrella, has published its November/December issue. In addition to a wide variety of articles and stories, the new issue contains reviews of the following gear:

  • Duntech DSM-15 loudspeakers
  • Mordaunt Short Avant 916i floorstanding speakers
  • Styleaudio Carat HD1V TCXO Hi-Fi USB DAC
  • Yamaha A-S2000 integrated amplifier (AUD 2,999)

Too bad the magazine doesn’t post more content on its web site. You can, however, subscribe to the print bi-monthly edition for AUD 39.95 in Australia, or for AUD 99.00 anywhere else.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the Yamaha A-S2000 integrated mentioned above, check out the previous issue’s review of the matching Yamaha CD-S2000 SA-CD Player (AUD 2,599).