Eficion, Audio Horizon and More Reviews on Affordable Audio

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Affordable Audio has published a new issue. It includes reviews of the following:

  • Audio Horizon TB5.0n tube buffer ($725)
  • Eficion Ficion F20 bookshelf speakers ($650/pair)
  • Budget monitor speaker comparison: Aperion Audio 6B ($690/pair), Swan 2.1SE ($599/pair), and Polk Audio 5jr (used)
  • Wyatt Woodworking cabinet kit for Audio Nirvana drivers ($285-330)
  • Acoustic Revive accessories ($175-450)
  • Acoustic Revive cables ($725-1,950)

Download the entire issue (18 MB PDF) by going to the Affordable Audio web site and clicking the March 2009 issue link in the left column. Be sure to check out the latest power line article, “Studies On Residential Power Line Noise – Part 4: PS Audio Soloist Special Edition.”