Escalante Design Fremont Speakers ($18,900) Review on

Tuesday, November 4, 2008, aka Audio Video Revolution, has reviewed the Escalante Design Fremont full-range monitor speakers ($18,900/pair). These are big (photo), efficient designs that apparently go down to 18 Hz.

Reviewer Ken Taraszka, MD (?) liked the environmentally-friendly materials and techniques used to make them, but was struck by their huge physical dimensions:

They are actually the biggest monitors I have ever seen, and are quite frankly larger than many floor-standing speakers I have seen and/or reviewed.

In conclusion, Dr. Taraszka writes:

I think I have found my ultimate speakers in the Fremonts, and would encourage you to listen to them yourself if you want it all: timber, high and low extension, incredible detail, finesse and a dynamic range that will astound.

Read the entire review, then take a look at’s archive for more full-range loudspeaker reviews. The site has shifted its focus somewhat toward home theater in recent years, but it’s still worth a look.