Focal, Audio Research, Guru and More Reviews in Hi-Fi+

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi-Fi+ has published issue 64. It contains reviews of the following high-end audio gear:

  • Focal Grande Utopia EM Loudspeaker
  • Audio Research Reference CD8 CD player
  • Renaissance RAP-03 Preamplifier and RA-03 Monoblock Power Amplifiers
  • Benchmark DAC 1 Pre Digital Converter/Preamplifier
  • KEF iQ50 Loudspeaker
  • HRT Streamer and Streamer+ USB-based Digital Converters
  • Cairn Diabolo Integrated Amplifier
  • Guru Pro Audio QM10 Loudspeaker
  • Pure Sound A30 Integrated Valve Amplifier with Border Patrol Power Supply
  • Q Acoustics 1050i Loudspeaker
  • Ensemble Fonobrio Phono Stage
  • AudioSmile Kensai Loudspeaker
  • Neodio NR One CD Player
  • Siltech Classic Anniversary Cables
  • Finite Elemente Modul LS Loudspeaker

Check out the full table of contents, read a couple of free columns from the issue online, then think about downloading the entire thing