Gefen Digital Audio Extender ($150) Review on Computer Audiophile

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Computer Audiophile has reviewed an interesting device for getting bits from a computer to a DAC: the Gefen Digital Audio Extender ($150). The device is actually a pair of compact units (photo) which have both optical and coax digital connections, and are capable of sending “digital audio up to 330 feet over a ubiquitous category 5e (CAT-5e) Ethernet cable.”

According to reviewer Chris Connaker, the units are bit-perfect and can handle up to 24/96 data. As for the sound, he writes:

Sonically the Gefen Digital Audio Extender is really good. I spent many hours with these units in my audio system and suffered no listening fatigue.

Listening via the optical output from my Mac Pro directly into my DAC was better sounding than with the DAE in place, but the difference was not show-stopping.

The DAE certainly has it’s own sonic signature, but the flexibility the units provide may easily turn this signature into a minor detail fro many listeners.

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