Hawthorne Audio Speakers Review on Enjoy the Music.com DIY

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enjoy the Music.com‘s new DIY magazine has reviewed the Hawthorne Audio Sterling Silver Iris Duet speakers ($2,500). These are open baffle three-way designs with 15″ drivers and 95dB/W/m rated efficiency. Apparently they can be ordered as a kit or assembled. Reviewer Clarke Robinson was impressed:

The visceral impact and rhythmic drive of the 15-inch drivers proved incredibly involving and fun to listen to. There’s a reason why muscle-car guys and subwoofer guys share the mantra “there’s no replacement for displacement”: the effect of having four 15-inch drivers in your listening room is unmistakable.

Read the entire review, then check out the rest of the reviews and articles in the newest DIY issue.