Herron Audio, LessLoss Reviews on Bound for Sound

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bound for Sound, an ad-free print-only monthly (?) magazine, has published its 190th issue. Included are reviews of the following:

  • Clearaudio Concerto cartridge
  • Dynavector DV XX 2 MK II cartridge
  • Shelter 7000 cartridge
  • Transfiguration Phoenix cartridge
  • DH Labs Power Plus power cord
  • Skywire 1400 interconnects
  • Herron Audio VTPH-2 tube phono preamp
  • LessLoss Firewall AC line filter
  • Eastern Electric M156 tube monoblocks

Check out the table of contents of the current issue for more detail, as well as a synopsis of the moving coil cartridge survey mentioned above.