HIFICRITIC Condenses 25 Years of Reviews on Four Web Pages

Friday, August 29, 2008

HIFICRITIC has been around for only a couple of years, but its publisher, Martin Colloms, has been at it for more than two decades. Having written hundreds of in-depth reviews for magazines such as Stereophile and Hi-Fi News, Martin’s knowledge of hi-fi gear is both deep and rich.

To find out how all the components Martin reviewed compare to one another would involve a good deal of reading. Lucky for us, Martin created the Colloms Sound Quality Archive. It rates components by showing “comparative sound quality ratings” based on Martin’s own relative scaling system (it goes to 120!).

See the four categories in the Colloms archive here:

  1. Power Amplifiers
  2. Preamplifiers
  3. CD Players
  4. Integrated Amplifiers

Do you want to hear more from Martin and his crew at HIFICRITIC? You’ll have to pay for it. The British bi-monthly journal is print-only, ad-free, and costs over $100 for a year subscription (slightly less for UK and EU residents). Editor Paul Messenger explained the high subscription cost in a recent editorial:

It’s certainly true that plenty of magazines out there on the internet apparently offer hi-fi advice for free. But in my opinion you get what you pay for, and our freedom from advertising revenue and pressure inevitably means that the magazine must be wholly funded by its subscribers.

Learn more about the Colloms Sound Quality Archive, and check out HIFICRITIC.