Interconnect Cable Shootout on Enjoy the

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Enjoy the has published Part 2 of its “Cables Galore” article, this time focusing on interconnects. The following balanced and unbalanced models were put up against a reference of the Nordost Valhalla ($4,300/pair):

  • Atlas Cable Mavros Balanced Interconnect ($1,760/pair)
  • The Music Cable Truly Balanced Interconnect ($320/pair)
  • Dynamic Design Lotus Balanced Interconnect ($800/pair)
  • Crystal Cable Dreamline Balanced Interconnect ($7,300/pair)
  • EMM Cables Isopath Unbalanced Interconnect ($895/pair)
  • Dynamic Design Heritage Unbalanced Interconnect ($2,000/pair)
  • MIT Oracle V3.2 Unbalanced Interconnect ($2,999/pair)

Reviewer Phil Gold called this “One Tough Review,” and I believe him. He was looking for a bargain but ultimately determined you get what you pay for.

Read the entire article, then check out Part 1, which looked at “three sets of matching interconnects and speaker cables.” Also watch out for Part 3, which will deal solely with power cables.

Patrick November 5, 2008 at 12:49 pm

I find this review to be a completely unhelpful piece of equipment pushing. One guy, knowing the cable and its price, finds the sound to improve with each incremental step in cost. Either manufacturers have found a perfect system for inducing predicatable quality improvements on the basis of known investments (and have kept this exact engineering quiet from the rest of the world of product design) or maybe, just maybe, the reviewer is using his pseudo-scientific rating scale to confirm his biases, intentionally or otherwise. It really is not worth publishing such accounts anymore.

furrier November 12, 2008 at 12:35 pm

I took Enjoy the Music out of bookmarks after this one….bad advice and blantant cable pushing.