Lehmann Black Cube Statement (EUR 300) Review on TNT-Audio

Monday, December 8, 2008

TNT-Audio has reviewed the Lehmann Black Cube Statement phono preamp (EUR 300). According to reviewer Geoff Husband, this is a “very flexible stage, offering not only the usual MC/MM option, but also variable loading via DIP switches.” He compared it to his Black Cube SE, and noted:

The SE now pulled out a clear lead, most noticeable was a sense of focus it gave to the soundstaging. The Statement could sound rather diffuse, almost as if phase wasn’t handled quite as well as the SE…

This system showed another area where the SE had an advantage, and that was in the area of bass control and extension. The Statement was again perfectly agreeable to listen to, but the SE added some real punch in the bottom octave and seemed to play bass tunes slightly better.

Check out the entire review, then take a look at Werner Ogiers’ new article on “the effects of tonearm geometry and mass distribution on the measurement of VTF.”