Loiminchay Chagall Speaker ($48,500) Review on Home Entertainment

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home Entertainment Magazine has published a review of the Loiminchay Audio Chagall floorstanding loudspeaker ($48,500/pair). These are striking in appearance (photo) and specs. Reviewer Steve Guttenberg notes:

…the ultra-lightweight, yet super-hard 1-inch diamond tweeter’s response reaches 40 kilohertz to produce unrivaled texture and nuance in the upper frequencies. … All internal wiring is pure silver. The cabinet’s insides are stuffed with lamb’s wool from Australia.

Lambs wool? OK. On the sound, he liked them on jazz and vocals but not so much on hard rock:

…ferocious guitar and drums workouts came through loud and clear, but the Chagall’s bass didn’t have the control and impact I’d expect. … I doubt it was the Chagalls running out of steam, methinks Mr. Chu’s 50 watt tube amplifiers were the prime culprits. I gather he’s not a rock and roller.

Check out the full review, then see Steve’s blog, The Audiophiliac (tell me that word doesn’t give you shivers!).