LSA Statement Integrated Amp ($9,000) Review on StereoMojo

Friday, September 12, 2008

StereoMojo has reviewed another LSA integrated amp. This time it’s the flagship model, the Statement ($9,000). Reviewer James L. Darby describes the differences between it and the other integrated amps in the LSA line (the Standard and the Signature). He also compares it to the Plinius 9200 integrated and a set of Halcro separates.

On the sound, Darby said:

The Statement just reaches out, grabs and caresses you and pulls you into the performance in a way few amps at any price or configuration can achieve.

Read the entire review, then check out StereoMojo’s reviews of the LSA Signature, the LSA Standard, the LSA Reference MK III, and so on…