Marten Bird Speakers (EUR 22,900) Review on Highendnews

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Highendnews, a site from Finland with reviews in English, has reviewed the Marten Bird floorstanding speakers (EUR 22,900). These are nicely finished (photo) designs with “a 1 inch diamond tweeter, 7 inch ceramic midrange and 2 x 9 inch bass drivers.”

Reviewer Keijo Tanskanen liked the relaxed sound and micro details, but commented:

Although the coherency from bass to midrange and the quality of the bass still had a bit more problems than I expected, I could easily enjoy the music. So, the Birds are not among the most accurate speakers but more likely they are accurate enough!

He concluded:

So it clearly is so that the Birds deserve their place at the 20 kilo euros price class, but they will never replace my Watt/Puppies. I suppose that was not a purpose of the test offer either! If someone refuses to try the Birds because of my slight critics, he may do a big mistake. Marten Birds are excellent speakers; there is no question about it!

Read the entire review, then check out Highendnews’s shootout of four high end speaker cables (EUR 5,000-17,000). No clear winner? Amazing…

Keijo Tanskanen December 12, 2008 at 12:25 am

Thank you for paying attention to Highendnews reviews. If you are wondering the conclusion of the speaker cable review, please read it more carefully. I made my opinion and my choice quite clear by saying “Because of this and the most solid performance the Transparent Reference XL (MM tech) became my favourite!”. It is also good to know that sometimes over-all performance of tested products are so close each other, despite of clear sonical differences, that it is not fair to say one is absolutely the best. Often system dependency and what features are preferred (taste) are much more important.

Keijo Tanskanen

Mark Wieman December 12, 2008 at 10:07 am

Good points all around, Keijo. I did indeed miss that sentence about the Transparent being your favorite. Thanks for the clarification.