McIntosh, Red Wine Audio, Loiminchay and More in TONEAudio

Monday, October 27, 2008

TONEAudio has published another epic issue. At 159 pages, it appears to have a little something for everyone. The magazine has increased its music focus, with a wide variety of interviews and artist features, but it still has room for a dozen or more equipment reviews. Here’s the list:

  • AV123 EL525T floorstanding speakers ($799/pair)
  • Nagra VFS vibration control platform ($1,500)
  • Loiminchay Chagall floorstanding speakers ($48,500/pair)
  • Whest Audio PS.30R phono stage ($3,500)
  • Paradigm Reference Signature S1 speakers ($1,699/pair)
  • McIntosh MA7000 intergrated amp ($7,500)
  • Furutech AG-12 phono cable ($425)
  • Eficion F200 bookshelf speakers ($3,400/pair)
  • Red Wine Audio Isabella preamp ($4,000-6,000)
  • RSA Dmitri power conditioner ($3,995-5,795)
  • Audioquest SUB-3 interconnect cable ($220-610)

Download the entire issue (59MB PDF), but skip the story on Loiminchay pens(?) and the ads for high-end jewelry and sportscars… Is anyone still rich these days?

jeff dorgay October 31, 2008 at 5:39 pm

Hi there:

Thanks for passing the word around on the new issue.

Though it’s a little presumptuous that your readers might not be interested in our features on associated luxury products. Sure we have a couple of $5000 pens there, but we also have some great DJ shirts for less than $20 each…

Don’t kid yourself, there are plenty of wealthy people available