NSR Sonic Research Speakers ($5,995) Review on Stereo Times

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stereo Times has published a review of the NSR Sonic Research Concerto D3 Sonata floorstanding speakers ($5,995/pair). These are striking in appearance (photo) and specs, with 20Hz–40kHz frequency response, 93.7dB sensitivity, and 5 ohms nominal impedance.

After considerable break-in time, reviewer Frank Alles commented on their resolution, natural reproduction of voices, excellent imaging, and wide sweet spot. He had some trouble with a somewhat forward lower treble, but ultimately concluded:

From the piano to the brasses and the strings, the D3’s will provide more crystal clear harmonic information and texture than any other speaker I’ve heard to date.

Read the entire review, then decide what color you want. Red, gray, and black are standard colors, or an extra $250 gets you any standard automotive finish. I’m thinking Ferarri Yellow would look nice in any living room…

hotbird November 4, 2008 at 7:54 pm

Teajay from Audiogon also contributed a great review of these speakers


But the looks aren’t appealing to me…if it were only as attractive as a Tidal, Lumen White or Rockport, they should strike gold