Nuforce, Rega, AV123, Emotiva Reviews on Affordable Audio

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Affordable Audio has published a new issue. It includes the following reviews:

  • Nuforce P-8S preamp and 8.5V2 power amp ($3,500 total)
  • Rega Apollo CD player ($995)
  • AV123 X-Omni floorstanding speakers ($549/pair)
  • Emotiva ERM-1 speakers ($199 each) and ERD-1 surrounds ($249/pair)
  • Grant Fidelity SPT-100 super tweeter ($749)
  • Zebra XLR interconnect cables ($75/pair)

Download the entire issue (13MB PDF). Sounds like Mark will be vacating his active publisher role to write for TONEAudio. Best of luck, Mark!