Paradigm Atom v6 Bookshelf Speakers Review on AudioFile

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AudioFile, a section within The Star, Malaysia newspaper site, has posted a review of the Paradigm Atom v6 bookshelf speakers (RM 1,380/pair). These are unique in appearance (photo) and described as “Two-way bass-reflex design speakers.”

Reviewer Lam Seng Fatt compared them to the much more expensive Focal JM Lab Micro Utopia Be speakers and had this to say:

Despite losing out in transparency and detail to the Micro Utopia Be, on the whole, the Atoms’ sound quality is totally enjoyable and you will want to move with the lively and energetic beat.

Lam also noted the “Big soundstage. Lively and rich upper bass, smooth mids and extended highs,” as well as the “Lack of low bass,” which he recommends addressing by using a sub, if needed.

Read the entire review, then check out other recent reviews by this little-known resource. Although the depth of the reviews is sometimes lacking, I am impressed by their enthusiasm and willingness to cover hi-fi in the context of a traditional news source. Keep it up!