Pass Labs X250.5 Power Amp ($8,250) Review on 10 Audio

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Audio has reviewed the Pass Labs X250.5 stereo power amplifier ($8,250). This is a 250 Watt per channel amp that is Class A for the first 15 Watts (photo). Reviewer Jerry S. loved the soundstage:

The X250.5 presented the deepest soundstage I have yet heard in my room. Even though the rear wall – behind the speakers – didn’t quite melt away, it was definitely losing its solidity and becoming hazy. Musicians seemed to be on their own stage, in a slightly different acoustic environment than the listening room’s own acoustic space.

He gave the amp 8.5 LPs (out of 10) and concluded (in part):

Within its Class A power limits, this amplifier offers great focus and warmth when the recording includes those attributes. Think of the X250.5 as a delightful 15 Watt per channel amp with huge headroom and not as a 250 Watt freight train that sounds better running light.

Read the entire review, then check out Jerry’s system posted on Audio Asylum for an idea of where he’s coming from.