Polk RTi A1 Speaker ($349) Review on Stereophile

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Budget bookshelf fans take note, Stereophile just posted their review of the Polk RTi A1 speaker ($349/pair). Reviewer Robert J. Reina compared them to the Paradigm Atom v.4 ($250/pair), the Infinity Primus 150 ($198/pair), and the Epos ELS 3 ($399/pair). His impression? Here’s an excerpt:

I enjoyed every minute I spent with the RTi A1. The speaker’s greatest strengths—the natural and detailed midrange, the excellent bass extension—are unheard of at this size and price…

Read the entire review, then contemplate why any sane maker of hi-fi gear would go out of its way to use an italic letter in its model name.