Reference 3A Episode Speakers ($5,500) Reviewed by Ultra Audio

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ultra Audio has reviewed the Reference 3A Episode speakers ($5,500/pair). These are Canadian-made three-way floorstanders with a claimed sensitivity of 91dB and an impedence of 8 ohms. Reviewer Jason Thorpe liked the midrange and treble, but was (initially) conflicted about the bass. He said the following of the midrange sound:

I hate to harp on this midrange business, but this was where the Episode’s magic lay. Perhaps it had to do with Reference 3A’s penchant for running their midrange drivers without the intrusion of a crossover. Making a single driver responsible for delivering essentially the entire midrange brings that elusive goal of midrange coherence that much closer. Whatever the reason, the Episode was one mighty engaging speaker.

Read the entire review, then check out Albert Bellg’s recent review of the Reference 3A Grand Veena speakers ($7,995/pair).