Revolver Cygnis Speakers ($10,999) Review on StereoMojo

Monday, November 17, 2008

StereoMojo has reviewed the Revolver Cygnis floorstanding speaker ($10,999). This is a tube-friendly (91dB sensitivity) “three-way design with two separate enclosures (photo), similar to what you’d find in a Wilson Watt/Puppy.”

Reviewer James L. Darby liked the speaker’s lush midrange and tight bass. He also liked the width of the soundstage, but noted others may think it is “slightly exaggerated.” He also mentioned:

…if you have older tube gear that is substantially rolled off on top (or you haven’t retubed in too long a time), the Cyggies might sound a little soft on top since there is no excess brightness to give your amp a boost up there.

James even compared the Cygnis to the nearly-$200K Acapella Triolon Excaliber (photo). He didn’t think it could kill that giant, but he did think it had a chance against the Wilson WATT/Puppy. He advised potential buyers on that level as follows:

Do yourself a favor and listen to the Cygnis first. Listen to the Proclaim DMT-100’s, too. There are many speakers in the ten to thirty-thousand-dollar category that might not be as satisfying as the Revolver Cygnis or the Cygnis might be equally as satisfying as those with higher prices. In other words, you could spend more and not do better or even as well.

Got that? Me neither. Let’s just say he liked them enough to give them two awards: a StereoMojo Specific Recommendation, and a Maximum Mojo Award.

Read the entire review, and check out the part about how speakers can be “reprogrammed” by simply connecting them to different systems. OK…