Schick, Red Wine Audio, TRIode Reviews in Inner World Audio

Monday, January 26, 2009

Inner World Audio, an ecclectic and erudite magazine from Finland, has published a new issue. In it are reviews or articles (in English or Finnish) focusing on components from the following manufacturers:

  • Amphion
  • Bow Technologies
  • EMT
  • Lyngdorf
  • Marten Design
  • Red Wine Audio
  • Schick
  • SME
  • TRIode
  • Wharfedale

Download the entire issue (22 MB PDF), check out some back issues, then tell me what you think of an audio magazine that mixes in so many other forms of art. Contributors Ken Kessler and Michael Lavorgna seem quite comfortable with the idea. Does it seem too esoteric, or just sophisticated enough?