Scythe SDA-1000 Class D Integrated Amp Review on TNT-Audio

Monday, May 4, 2009

TNT-Audio has reviewed the new Scythe SDA-1000 Kama Bay Class D integrated amp ($54). This is a small sized amp (photo) that uses the Yamaha YDA 138 Class D chipset and produces about 7-8 watts of usable power into 8 ohms.

Reviewer Lucio Cadeddu compared it to his other Class D amps: the original T-Amp, the Super T-Amp, the Trends Audio TA 10.1 and the NuForce Icon. His impression was favorable:

This amplifier isn’t euphonic, nor warm or “soft”. No, it is crisp and precise, instead, and very, very transparent. Its sounds reminds me that of the TA 10.1, tough it appears cleaner in the mid-highs (female voices in particular) and less forgiving.

Check out the entire review.