Stereo Dave’s Speakers and Subwoofer Reviewed by Secrets

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity has reviewed Stereo Dave’s Creation 650 Reference Speakers ($3,800/pair) and Genesis Subwoofer ($1,395). The speakers are single-driver designs with a sensitivity rating of 90dB. Reviewer Rick Schmidt put the combination through its paces with a variety of music, from electronic pop to indie rock. His conclusion?

In my opinion, these speakers bring musical involvement and what they don’t bring is fatigue. What you might get at higher price points is more separation between instruments and voices etc. You might also get a dose of fatigue or other artifacts from crossovers and peaky tweeters, that these speakers just don’t have, they can’t. No crossover, no artifacts.

Read the entire review, then check out the Sun Kil Moon record Rick used during the audition. The songs “Neverending Math Equation” and “Ocean Breathes Salty” are absolute gems.