JohnBlue JB3 Speakers ($350) Review on StereoMojo

Monday, August 25, 2008

StereoMojo‘s Russ Gates says this about the diminutive JohnBlue JB3 single-driver speaker ($350/pair):

So what is the JB3 in a nutshell? It’s the full range driver speaker for the audiophile that hates full range drivers. I’ve heard back-loaded Fostek, Lowther, etc etc. I’ve built the ‘gimmie’ ratshack 40-1354 5.25 inch full range drivers in a tuned quarter wave. They all did some things very well, but nothing overall in spades. The JB3 shines in the near field and I would ecstatically recommend it for a computer, office, or spare room rig. Pair them together with a subwoofer that has a brick wall crossover around 80hz, and really open them up. The JohnBlue JB3 offers what others in its category don’t – USEABLE bass response, and believable top end extension.

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