TIDAL Contriva Speakers ($60,900) Review on Stereo Times

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stereo Times has posted a review of the TIDAL Contriva floorstanding loudspeakers ($60,900). Reviewer Mike Wright was infatuated with their appearance (photo). He notes:

The craftsmanship was beautiful, and in fact, was first class in every respect.

I have not encountered a better made speaker…

On the sound, he concludes:

Keeping in mind that I have not heard every loudspeaker in existence, still, I’d be hard pressed to imagine that there is a loudspeaker significantly better than the Contrivas.

Wow. So, what extras do you get for your $60K?

2 professional ATA-flightcases on wheels, stainless-steel isolators (16 parts), chrome-plated stand-bars for a safer stand, microfibre-cleaning cloth, owners manual leatherbook with its personal measurement protocols.

Read the entire review.