Trends Audio PA-10 Tube Preamp ($225) Review on TNT-Audio

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TNT-Audio has reviewed the Trends Audio PA-10 tube preamp ($225, $265 for SE version). This is a tiny unit (photo) with headphone output. It is a “hybrid pre amp using TWO MOSFETs (per channel) as the output drivers and all this works in class-A.”

Reviewer Nick Whetstone thought the PA-10 was a positive addition to some class-T amps, but not others. Bottom line:

If you are looking to put together a micro-system of separates, it should certainly be something to consider, particularly along side a class-T amp. And going by the TNT review of the TA-10 amplifier, you could do worse than look at an all-Trends **-10 system run from a computer.

Read the entire review, then check out the review of some Scott Nixon DacKit mods. With the tanking economy, it might be a good time to get into DIY. See TNT-Audio’s DIY & Tweaking section for even more do-it-yourself goodness.