Trends Audio TA-10.1 Class D Integrated Amp (EUR 199) Review on FairAudio

Friday, February 27, 2009

FairAudio has posted, by way of 6moons, its review of the Trends Audio TA-10.1 Class D integrated amp (EUR 199). This is a Tripath based design with a tiny but solid build (photo), and a “clean 10 watts on tap for 4 ohms. Into 8, you can count on between 5 and 6.”

Reviewer Ralph Werner compared the Trends to several other Class-T amps, including the KingRex T20 (EUR 270), Scythe Kama Bay (EUR 49), and Sonic Impact T-Amp (EUR 99). For reference, he also compared it to the Myryad MXI 2080 integrated amp (EUR 1,592).

His conclusion? I think I am going to let you read it for yourself. For what it’s worth, his impressions of this little gem mirror mine exactly. With the right speakers, the sound is remarkable, and the value is off the charts.

michele surdi February 27, 2009 at 7:06 am

reality check:great value but a nad 315 budget amp outclasses it in every respect AND is not a hf transmitter.class D amps just aren’t real hifi imho.
michele from rome