Usher Be-718 Monitor Speakers Review on Audiogon

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Audiogon member Bezimienny has posted an informative and entertaining review on the Usher Be-718 ‘Tiny Dancer’ speakers ($2,795/pair). He compares them to his Wilson CUBs, which he describes as follows:

These are bachelor speakers. They’re sixty centimetres deep, have grills made of air-conditioner foam or, alternately, a spray of chrome screws like buckshot embedded across their faces…

About the Usher Be-718s, the reviewer observes:

In contrast, the Be718s are polite and well-dressed. They too have a plane of gloss black, but this is more evocative of the effect of a Prada handbag, rather than the monolith from “2001”.

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