Wilson Alexandria X-2 Speakers ($158,000) on SoundStage!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

SoundStage! has reviewed the ultra-expensive Wilson Audio Specialties Alexandria X-2 Series 2 speakers ($158,000/pair). At 6 ft tall and 700 lbs each, these are not your typical floorstanders. Of course, reviewer Marc Mickelson loved them. After comparing them to his own Wilson MAXX Series 2 speakers ($48,900/pair), he said the following:

The X-2 Series 2s simply pulled off the illusion of real instruments in real space more readily and thoroughly than any other speakers I’ve heard.

Marc’s review includes many of the same accolades that appear in Robert Harley’s review in this month’s issue of The Absolute Sound. Curiously, the price quoted in that review was only $148,000 (not that it matters). If you are considering purchasing these, $10,000 means much less to you than it does to most people…