Wilson, Thiel, Quad and More Reviewed by The Absolute Sound

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Absolute Sound (TAS) is out with their November issue. “The Speaker Issue” includes no less than nine speaker reviews, plus a few component reviews as well. Here’s an partial list of contents:

  • Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2 speakers ($148,000/pair)
  • Triangle Titus EX mini-monitor speakers ($995/pair)
  • Chario Premium 1000 Tower speakers ($2,100/pair)
  • Gershman Acoustics Sonogram speakers ($3,695/pair)
  • ProAc Response D Two bookshelf speakers ($3,500/pair)
  • Quad ESL-2905 electrostatic speakers ($12,000/pair)
  • Hyperion Sound Design HPS-968 speakers ($7,000/pair)
  • Thiel CS3.7 floorstanding speakers ($12,900/pair)
  • Venture Audio Excellence III Signature speakers ($58,500/pair)
  • Wadia 170 iTransport iPod dock ($379)
  • Cambridge Azur 840E preamp ($1,699) and 840W power amp ($2,499)

TAS usually sells a PDF version of its current issue for $10 via its web site (the printed version costs $7 at the newstand or $2 by subscription). As of this writing, however, the November issue is not yet available online. This is unfortunate but typical. TAS is just one of many print-focused hi-fi publications that has no idea how to deal with publishing on the Internet(s)…