Xindak MT-1 Integrated Amp ($579) Review on StereoMojo

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

StereoMojo has reviewed the Xindak MT-1 tube integrated amp ($579). This is a Chinese-made unit that is described as “a small class A integrated tube amplifier rated at a modest 12.5 watts per channel.”

Reviewer William Schuchard was alarmed by a loose screw inside the unit (as well as what he called “Bright Blue LED Syndrome”), but he thought the amp sounded better than his Bryston B100 SST integrated amp ($2,999). He concluded:

The mighty little Xindak MT-1, at 12.5 watts is recommended but only for a very select group that meet this specific criteria in order to be overwhelmingly happy with it. Not meeting any of this criteria is a recipe for a let-down.

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