XLH M-2000 Monos and SL-11XS Preamp Reviewed on Stereo Times

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stereo Times has reviewed the XLH M-2000 600 watt monoblock power amps ($25,000/pair) and SL-11XS single-input preamp ($5,000). Reviewer Mike Wright compared the Chinese-made XLH pieces to units from Klyne, Conrad-Johnson, and GamuT.

On the ergonomics of the SL-11XS preamp, Mike notes:

The front panel of the preamp holds only a power on/off switch and two volume controls. … The problem I had with the controls was that there was no way of telling if you were matching the two channels, other than by ear, or counting the number of clicks for each control.

In conclusion, Mike states:

I can easily recommend the XLH XL-11XS preamplifier, especially if you don’t mind its minimalist approach in terms of inputs and lack of remote control. On sonic merits, it stands well on its own. The XLH M-200 mono-amps are a true revelation and get a “most highly recommended” rating from me.

Read the entire review, then check out Mike Girardi’s review of the Omega Mikro line of cables, which was also just published on Stereo Times.