YBA YA201 Integrated Amp Review in Hi-Fi Choice

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi-Fi Choice has published, by way of TechRadar, a review of the YBA YA201 integrated amp (GBP 1,290). This is a “100-watt stereo design using a Triple Push configuration.” It has a knob-less, minimalist fascia (photo).

On the sound, reviewer Malcolm Steward notes:

Some listeners might argue that this amplifier sounds lean but it’s more accurate to say that this controlled presentation and lack of LF bloom gives the YA201 a heightened sense of transparency and insight into timbre and dynamics.

In conclusion, Malcom states:

Overall, the performance of the YBA YA201 is nothing less than bewitching: musically persuasive and sonically as near transparent as any integrated we’ve heard…

Check out the entire review, then tell me something. When it comes to volume control, does anyone actually prefer pushing buttons to turning a knob? I’ve tried both and can honestly say that I’ll never own another non-knob design again. Down with buttons. Knobs rule!