Zanden, Classe, Arcam, and More Reviewed by Hi-Fi+

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi-Fi+ magazine has published Issue 60, which includes a ton of new high-end reviews. Here’s the list:

  • Arcam C31 stereo preamp and P38 power amp
  • Magico V3 speakers
  • Eben Ayra C1 speakers
  • Zanden Model 2500S CD player
  • David Berning Quadrature Z monoblock power amp
  • Wadia 581se CD/SACD player
  • Kuzma 4POINT tonearm
  • Vacuum State SVP-2 preamp
  • Belles Labs MB-200 monoblock power amp
  • Emille KI-40L integrated amp
  • Classe CA-M400 monoblock power amp
  • Spendor SA1 speakers

Also included is Roy Gregory’s column, in which he semi-coherently responds to manufacturers who are complaining that the magazine is reviewing too many tweak products from obscure companies. His advice to the miffed manufacturers? Stop being lazy and start using more tweaks to improve your sound in show demo rooms! OK…

Anyway, pick up a copy of the new issue now at news stands in the UK and Europe, or download it for $7.95. Then pray to your entity of choice that Hi-Fi+ will soon fire the company that is apparently in charge of its web site… Nice icons!